About - Les Longino

Welcome to my website.

I am Les, the photographer behind all the images on this site.

I have been taking photographs since I was a child, with some lulls here and there. There are many creative outlets I have engaged in throughout my life, but I have always come back to photography. It has been the constant throughout my life.

Travel has been another constant, and I am lucky to live in Phoenix, Arizona, which gives me close access to some incredible natural areas. My photography primarily focuses on the landscape scenery of the American Southwest, though I do enjoy urban photography when I find myself in a city.

Though my photography activity started with a manual film camera, nowadays I shoot exclusively with digital cameras, both SLR and point and shoot. Photographs on this site were taken with a variety of point and shoots and SLRs, both Nikon and Canon. That being said, the equipment is not what is important to me; what matters is the final image.

Thanks for looking, and do not hesitate to contact me with questions and feedback!